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Have questions about your global benefits? We've prepared the following resources to help you understand your coverage, no matter where your international assignment takes you.

ExxonMobil US Expat / US Inpat Onboarding Presentation

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Why Cigna Healthcare

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ExxonMobil Benefit Plans Overview for Expatriates and Inpatriates

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Health care is not the same in every country – it can vary greatly across the globe. Whether this is your first international assignment or you are an experienced traveler, there may be health-related preparations you need to make before you leave.

The Guide Health Advisor program can help you manage your health care prior to and during your assignment in order to avoid medical emergencies and ensure a successful international assignment. A nurse can help you prepare for care and give you information about accessing health care, whether medications are available in your assignment country or if alternatives may be necessary, as well as how to find a doctor.

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To learn more about CignaLinks®, our program linking you to quality, affordable care you can trust, view our CignaLinks Informational Video

Looking for region-specific CignaLinks information? View our recorded presentations (each presentation is less than 10 minutes long) CignaLinks Africa Presentation

Inbounds to Australia CignaLinks Australia Presentation

Outbounds from Australia and permanent residents
CignaLinks Australia Presentation
CignaLinks Brazil Presentation
CignaLinks Canada Presentation
CignaLinks Middle East Presentation
CignaLinks Southeast Asia Presentation
CignaLinks Spain Presentation
CignaLinks United Kingdom Presentation

View the following pre-recorded webinar sessions to learn how you and your family can stay connected, adapt to change and stay healthy:
How to Mentally Cope with Social Isolation
Aware Mindfulness Channel – A library of recorded mindfulness sessions

Live Webinars | Hosted by Cigna Healthcare

At Cigna Healthcare, we continue to recognize the importance of providing educational resources to assist you on your work assignments outside of your home country. That’s why we’re pleased to share a new webinar series for Business Travelers/Expats. Webinars will be provided live on a quarterly basis and recordings will be available one week later.

On-demand Online Webinars

Cigna Healthcare offers many programs to support your overall health. Explore our webinars and education materials available to you to support your mental and physical health.

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Have questions or need assistance? Call the 24/7 Cigna Healthcare Global Service Center at the following numbers:

  • Collect (outside the U.S.): 001.302.797.3100
  • Toll Free (within the U.S. and Canada): 1.800.441.2668

Secure messaging is also available via   Cigna Envoy

Go paperless with Cigna Envoy! View the Cigna Envoy flyer to learn how to update your communications preferences.